Rice to Riches Pudding Dessert Point Of Sale

When native New Yorker Peter Moceo, owner of Rice to Riches, was traveling in Italy, he loved snacking at one of the many gelato shops around the country. He wanted to emulate the gelaterias he had been introduced to in Italy in New York but wanted to open one with a distinct twist: specializing in rice pudding. Opened for 13 years now, Rice to Riches offers 21 flavors and has generated a loyal following. It also ships its 40-ounce container globally overnight by Fed Ex for a minimum $65 and delivers locally. Located in 37 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 and opened from 11a.m to 11p.m. In addition, its location in Soho was a perfect location since it attracts a mass of tourists. Furthermore, rice pudding has been a favorite dessert of residents of Latin America, the Middle East, Europe as well as throughout America for some time. Go ahead and try one of there many delicious dessert pudding flavors. Enjoy with family and friends, do not forget to read all the funny writings on the wall. Your in for a great laugh.
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