Restaurant Startup Season Finale: The Best Ingredient For Investment

101701006-restaurant-startup-mezz-2-new_1910x1000The season finale of Restaurant Startup focuses on two teams who “see big bucks in their single concept ideas.” Bon Chovie is a business based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their concept is simple: fried anchovies! The Whole Beast comes next, a husband and wife team who specialize in whole animal cooking, just as the name suggests. After some discussion, Tim and Joe are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Joe sees potential and investment potential in Bon Chovie, while Tim thinks the $400,000 in sales with The Whole Beast proves they are the better decision. In the end, they go with Bon Chovie despite some of their doubts with the business.

One of Tim and Joe’s largest concerns was that the business owners are ex-husband and wife, meaning disagreements would be possible. As they meet with the graphic designer to redo the branding, disagreements begin. The images that Neil and Renee have for their new brand could not be more different.
They head back to the restaurant to decide on interior design. Fortunately, they are able to agree on colors and vision, so the interior design moves forward. Renee finds some difficulty in adding new menu items since she is used to her main three-items, but a restaurant will need more options.
Just as the paint is on the walls, Renee comes to an alarming conclusion. She hates the color. With only hours left, they must scramble to choose a new color and design to be able to be ready for the next day’s launch.
Neil continues to focus on the business plan as he knows that without proper ideas, Joe and Tim are not going to be willing to invest. With any business, it is important to consider all cost-effective measures that can be taken.
The launch is off to a great start, with all guests not only enjoying the food, but also the atmosphere and full experience of the restaurant. But can too many customers ever be a bad thing? Well, with Neil and Renee’s experience in their food tent, they aren’t used to paying attention to seating. The tables are completely full, but they continue to serve food anyway, causing Joe and Tim to intervene.
After dealing with the unexpected mishaps, the launch ends with a successful recovery. The discussion about investment begins, with the main concern will being the divorced couple running the business. Joe and Tim learn that the ownership of Bon Chovie is not split 50/50, but rather 90/10. With this new information, they make an unusual offer not seen before on Restaurant Startup: they will invest $278,000 for 50% equity split between the two of them, 40% then left for Renee and 10% for Neil. Although first doubtful, Renee agrees, and the deal is made.
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