Protecting Point of Sale Systems from the Dangers of Internet Access

The Internet has grown to be, without a doubt, one of the greatest creations to come from mankind in recent memory. With the many great benefits the internet offers it also dishes out some pain as well. As a inevitable result of being connected to the world wide web, computers are constantly subjected to potential viruses and spyware. Sometimes a user doesn’t even need to do anything to be susceptible to harmful, damaging, and data stealing programs such as viruses and spyware. Although all of┬áSintel Systems units are shipped out with the necessary preventive software such as Anti-Virus programs to help protect the systems, it is still possible for malicious programs to find their way inside your system.


Point of Sale (POS) systems are at the heart of any business. This means that your POS system contains all of your sales information, employee information, and other very sensitive and private data regarding your business. It is crucial to protect this valuable data from being exposed to unauthorized individuals. Potential dangers also include the loss of this data as a result of corruption caused by viruses or spyware. In order to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with their point of sale systems, Sintel Systems has limited the access of internet functionality on the POS System.
By limiting non-POS related internet access we have been able to significantly increase the security of the system while simultaneously increasing the overall reliability of the units. Activities such as browsing social media networks or downloading software can potentially do irreversible damage to a point of sale system. With solutions available for Pizza Restaurants, Frozen Yogurt Shops, and Retail locations, Sintel Systems is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and value. At the end of the day, customers must learn to separate business related computers use from personal use computers. Doing so can prolong the life of your business computers, such as the POS System, and help secure the sensitive information stored on them. If you just need to go on Facebook, please make sure to do so from your own personal computer and leave the Point of Sale systems out of it.
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