Produce Retailer Whole Foods Bought by Amazon

Amazon Moves to Groceries

Amazon announced today that it has agreed to buy Whole Foods, the natural food grocery store chain for over $13 billion. With an estimated $700 to $800 billion in sales in the produce industry, it proves further ambition by Amazon to expand its reach.


Whole Foods, with its regional corporate office located in the same city as one of Sintel Systems Global POS offices, is best known as a supplier of organic, minimally processed foods. The deal could drastically change the landscape of grocery shopping, as Amazon challenges other established produce retailers, driving down prices and changing the way we shop. Stocks for Walmart, Costco and Target all fell after the announcement.


Sintel Systems is the only single-source and direct provider of POS systems to the market and produce industry. By supplying complete solutions, including hardware, software, all-inclusive support, replacement warranty and all services such as cloud, gift and loyalty card network and merchant account processing, owners of produce stores can focus on other operational aspects of their business, knowing that the POS is taken care of. For more information, contact Sintel Systems today.