E-Commerce Battle: Promotions from Ebay, Target and Walmart on Amazon Prime Day

Since 2015, Amazon has celebrated its own holiday with Amazon Prime Day, offering deep discounts and deals to members of Amazon Prime. Amazon has an estimated 100 million Prime members.
Last year, Prime Day was a frustrating experience for some customers as the Amazon website was unable to handle the volume of traffic it received. To prevent a total website crash, Amazon set up a “fall-back” page filled with pictures of dogs and temporarily limited international traffic while they hastily installed temporary servers to accommodate the large amount of shoppers. In spite of the website problems, the 2018 event broke Prime Day 2017’s sales record.
This year Prime Day runs for 48 hours from July 15-16 and internally Amazon is better prepared for it. Over the last few years, other companies have gotten in on offering sales during Prime Day–it’s becoming like a mini summertime black Friday or cyber Monday.
This year Ebay, Target and Walmart are all offering various deals on electronics, video games and home items, beginning the day before Prime Day. It’s interesting to see how other companies have responded to and are attempting to fight off Amazon’s dominance.
On a side note, regarding Amazon’s same day shipping, Walmart recently expanded its one day delivery service to parts of the South and Midwest including parts of Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Wisconsin. Walmart says that it plans to offer next day shipping to about three-quarters of the U.S. by the end of 2019. The success of Amazon Prime Day and other companies reaction to it emphasizes how central online purchasing options have become to the consumers.
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