POS (Point of Sale) Power Requirements


Besides dust and water, errors and fluctuations in electrical currents are the enemies of a Point of Sale System.  It is extremely important to not only make sure that your electrical system is up to code, but to also make use of additional tools to make sure you protect your investment and ultimately the “gateway to your money,” ie.: POS SYSTEM.


1.  Install dedicated circuits isolated from any and all appliances for the POS Systems.
2.  Provide more then what you think is necessary. It’s a good idea to add a 25% or more capacity per circuit. Given the nature of industrial equipment you can save in the long run by over estimating your use. Equipment in most business ofter requires the most power when initially powered on and in most cases that is a important fact that is dismissed.
3.  Install Battery Back Ups for all electronics such as the POS System, Network Modems, Routers, and Switches.


1.  Make sure to have a qualified professional electrician evaluate your electrical system.
2.  Make sure the existing electrical structure is up to code and properly grounded.
3.  Make sure all outlets are properly installed and tightly covered. If your cable is loosely hanging from the outlet there is a major issue waiting to happen.
4.  Install Battery Back Ups for all electronics such as the POS System, Network Modems, Routers, and Switches.
You will notice that installing Battery Backups is a requirement weather your business is in a new constructed building or an existing one.


Restaurants and Retail businesses use more industrial grade equipment which require more power then your average home’s kitchen. In most cases you have multiple appliances and machines powering on and off as needed throughout the day. You may not feel it, but every time the compressors of a refrigerator are activated a small surge is sent through the entire store circuit. Even in cases were dedicated circuits are assigned for appliances, the fact remains that the total Power Capacity is shared along all circuits within a panel. These surges although small in fluctuation eventually will their toll on sensitive technical equipment such as the POS System, Network Equipment, and other similar devices.
CONCLUSION: 95% of all your troubles can be addressed by looking at the power provided to your systems and using battery backups where necessary.  A simple $150 a year investment can save you tons of money and time in the long run by avoiding downtime.  One-Stop-Point-of-Sale-Sintel-Systems
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