Point of Sale (POS) Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most important aspects of an operation dependent on a POS system and 90% of the support provided never receives recognition because is either done behind the scene or during off hours. However, its effects are felt every day.
The technical support provided by Sintel Systems always pays for itself witSintel Systems Technical Supporthout most of our clients realizing. We work to keep your systems optimized with software upgrades and routine maintenance so your system is always up to date as it should be. If only the software upgrades are considered, the plan pays for itself without any further service. As an example, when you purchased Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft did not offer you Word 2007 for free when it was released. That is considered a software version upgrade and is typically an additional charge. Under our support plan, customers receive the newest version of the software as it is released. You can rest assured, you have received support even if you have not called us. How?
1. Sintel Systems provides various POS software upgrades which are typically done during non-business hours.
2. Sintel Systems actively monitors your system and takes preventive measures before they become your problem.
3. If you have called us for assistance, we take the time to see if you have other hidden issues with the POS systems.
4. We get calls from employees all the time. Sometimes they don’t want to call the owner and other times they cannot reach the owner. If security was not the issue, we’ve resolved the issues without bothering the owner.
5. New employee training. If your manager runs your store and you hired a new employee, we may have helped your manager train the new employee.
6. Warranty Facilitation: Ever been back to a store to seek warranty exchange and you are told the you need to deal with the manufacturer because it is a “Manufacturer’s Warranty.” If you have a support plan, we take care of your warranty issues as well. And if you are on our Rapid Replacement Program, you get a new system the next day.
7. Franchise-wide Support: If you are part of a larger franchise, support needed on a franchise-wide level is also provided.
These are just some of the services as part of the POS support plan, but the benefits don’t stop there. Some of the added benefits of POS support and service plan include:
POS-Technical-Support-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE-www.SintelSystesm.com** FREE software upgrades with new version benefits
** FREE updates on installation and service
** FREE troubleshooting on warranty products and 24 hour turnaround on equipment replacement with the option of Rapid Replacement Warranty
** Facilitate all warranty exchanges with a phone call to Sintel Systems
** Flat-rate Gift Card shipping for only $20 anywhere across the world
** 10% OFF all POS supplies
Sintel Systems is the dependable partner you need and can count on!
Questions or comments? Contact our friendly technical staff. We don’t have a sales force, so give us a call.
For more technical support related information click here.
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