Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution and Security Camera Systems for Seasonal Halloween Costume Store

Controlling your inventory and making profits should not be the scary part of your Halloween store.
They pop up at the end of September and are gone by the day after Halloween. What are they? Halloween costume and prop stores. They include stores that sell all types of Halloween costumes as well as stores that rent Halloween costumes and props. The majority of Halloween stores are located in temporary locations typically vacant retail stores that offer short term leases to accommodate the season. Given the low demand for costumes during the year, it obviously would not make sense for most retailers to rent a location year round for the approximate six weeks the industry experiences over 90% of its demand. Your location is temporary and your workers are temporary, but your profits should not be. How about tracking and protecting the most valuable asset of your business – your inventory of costumes and props in the fast paced environment. With inventories ranging from $100,000 for smaller to over $1 million for larger Halloween stores, tracking and protecting your inventory requires the right point-of-sale (POS) system and security camera system. Halloween and seasonal stores typically experience twice the rate of shrinkage associate with the retail industry’s 2.0%. This on average equals to $4,000 to $40,000 in losses for each location. Source of shrinkages include Employee Theft, Shoplifting, Administrative Error, and Vendor Fraud. While other retailers can sometimes afford the losses by making up sales later in the year, seasonal stores don’t have that ability given the short selling time.
How can these issues be addressed effectively and economically? Sintel Systems is the leader in offering seasonal retailers options in protecting their inventory and easing the tasks of controlling their inventory. Sintel Systems offers the right point-of-sale (POS) and security camera system to protect your profits and ease your accounting. Call us early and find out how.
There are two options when seeking point-of-sale (POS) and security cameras systems for your seasonal operation:
Rent and Return It
With the cost of renting your place, buying your inventory, and paying your temporary employees, you might want to also obtain your point-of-sale (POS) and security camera system on a temporary basis, too. While you might operate your Halloween store every year, you may not want to store the equipment the rest of the year. Additionally, renting and leasing give you some tax benefits that might suit your condition well.
855-POS-SALEHere is how it works: Contact us and give us an idea of how large your store(s) is and how much inventory you intend to carry. We are ready to help you if you have one or multiple stores. Don’t really know? Our extensive experience lets us help. We will let you know how many point-of-sale stations (POS) you will need and how many cameras you will need. We give you all the info you needs. If you are local, we offer local installation or you can simply pick it up. We ship across the country and the world. Once you get your package, follow the simple instructions. Over the phone or Internet training and support is available as well. After the season is over, you simple package all the equipment and send it back to us.
Buy and Keep It
You also have the option of buying and keeping the equipment for next year’s season. Everything works the same as the rental option; expect that there is no need to return. If you have another business you are involved, we can simply help you use the point-of-sale (POS) or security camera system for your next business.
So call your Halloween and seasonal retail experts and Sintel Systems (888.SINTEL-6) and let us help you keep more of your profits.