Point of Sale for Halloween Stores – Renting or Purchasing?

With the holidays coming around, a lot of temporary or monthly stores will be opening up to sell items that are only seasonal.
Halloween stores are only feasible and needed on a monthly basis prior to Halloween; so with the need for such a store being very limited do you need to purchase a POS system? The answer is no; due to the fact that you can rent the POS system for a fraction of the cost to buy one and keep it in storage when it is not being used.
The pros to renting a POS system are endless, from being significantly cheaper than buying a POS to not having to try to sell it after you are done using or storing it in a safe place. With prices for POS system rentals at $499/month for 1 terminal and $799/month for 2 terminals, the price to rent a station for a month is a fraction of the cost to buy one. Also, since you will not be needing the POS system the rest of the year you would need to store it somewhere safe until it is needed again. You can avoid doing this by renting the unit for the amount of time needed and returning it when you no longer need it. Lastly, you will be able to keep all of your sales information, inventory, etc saved onto hard drive that is yours to keep that can be used once again next year.
Please follow this link to our Halloween Point of Sale Rental Package.
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