Pizza Shop Tips from a Small Business

Cheese Board PizzaCheese Board Pizza located in Berkely, CA is a small locally owned jem of a pizza shop. An exciting part of the community, this shop really knows the meaning a specialty pizza. Cheese Board only concentrates on perfecting one type of unique pizza per day. This style gives their shop originality (an essential from standing out from the rest) and makes the experience something exciting for customers each day. It’s the home experience of having something different to taste for dinner each night except the concept is pizza.

This is great news for production in the kitchen area, once the kitchen perfects the recipe for the day they can keep repeating perfection knowing exactly all the ingredients needed for the day. This makes inventory very easy for shop owners or managers and ensures that each pizza remains consistent and delicious all the same. has a few tips to take away from Cheese Board:
Keep things simple. Quality over Quantity. Really focus on certain aspects of your business and make these key points visible as your brand. The company has taken the time to get to know their members of the community. They pay attention to the pizzas that sell the best and base future decisions on the satisfaction of their customers.
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With over 3,106 yelp reviews and a 4.5 star rating, you can bet that Cheese Board Pizza takes good care of their community.
They’ve also some pretty great pizza reviews too:
“Having dined in lovely locales such as London, New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Singapore, I must say that Cheeseboard has the best pizza I’ve ever come across! I love that they constantly change the toppings of their pizzas, so you’re never left bored.”
“Listen to really good live music while you eat creative pizza, many times culinarily outstanding. The combinations are creative and mouth-watering. This is definitely not your chain-style pizza with lots of cheese and pepperoni.”
Now this is just one way to start up a popular pizza joint. How will you start yours? The best way is to always always see what’s out there and what’s popular. Take notes and describe to yourself what kind of pizza shop would you be passionate to open everyday? When you love what you do and you do it with a passion people naturally gravitate to such excellence.
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