Pizza Restaurant POS Software Features

Sintel Systems Pizzeria POS SoftwareWhether you sell your pizza by the slice, delivery, or have a full-service restaurant, pizza POS systems from Sintel Systems will give your specific business everything that it needs. The software includes simplified menu management, custom delivery options, and called ID integration. A customer chooses their crust, sauce, cheese, and of course all the toppings. The pizza POS system in your restaurant must be set up to allow for quick and efficient input all this information in the specific way that your business runs. With Sintel Systems, our software includes all the details needed, while still being user-friendly.

Pizza Restaurant POS Software
Powerful Menu and Table Layout Tool
Delivery Orders and Caller ID Integration
Easy-to-set-up Menu Modifiers
Customizable Quick Serve Mode
Catering Options
On-Hold Orders
Discounts and Specials Easily Added
Multiple Stations
Multi-Store/Multi Location BackOffice Expansion
Payment Processing Integration
Auto/Manual Database Backup
Restore Function
Customer Tracking
Customer Loyalty and Point Program
Gift Cards
Customer Information
Transaction History
Real Time Customer Management
Real-Time Inventory Tracking
Employee/ Security
Password Protection
Multiple Security Levels
Clock In/Clock Out
Back Office Software
Daily Sales Reports
Physical Inventory
Reprint Receipts
Report Customization
By Range of Dates
Export to File (Excel)
Output to Printer, File, Screen
Label for Delivery Orders

Software configuration, training, continued support & maintenance, updated/upgrades are all inclusive of Sintel Systems Technical Support Plan.
The pizza restaurant POS software is included in Sintel Systems complete Pizza Restaurant POS Package.

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