Pizza Hut Removes Artificial Ingredients

Flavor of Now (PRNewsFoto/Yum! Brands, Inc.)Following the lead of other major quick service chains, Pizza Hut announced Tuesday it would be removing artificial ingredients from pizzas. Only extending to locations in the US, all pizza’s sold will be additive free by the end of July.
Yum! Brands Inc, parent brand of Pizza Hut, also announced removal of additives from most of the Taco Bell menu.
Approximately sixty percent of the 13,595 quick service pizzerias are located in the United States.
Pizza Hut has been working with suppliers to eliminate artificial ingredients that are prevalent in the supply chain.
The long process was started over a year ago. Regular testing and experimentation  has to be done to ensure they are still providing the same great taste customers enjoy.
Along with the last phases in July will be the release of two new features for their website and smartphone app. The interactive nutrition calculator and allergen tool will help customers better customize menu to their dietary needs.
Pizza Hut already initiated steps removing sodium content, hydrogenated oils, and monosodium glutamate.
In the past month a vast amount of fast food chains have announced similar plans, including Chipotle.
Most of the meat toppings have already been stripped of additives and fillers.
The problem large brands face is simply the extend of an enormous system of production.
Taco Bell would not be the leading pizzeria chain for 57 years without understanding they need to work with their costumers to continue growing.
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