Pizza and Frozen Yogurt….together?! Why not?!

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, it is crucial to understand what your customers are looking for, and you must be adaptable to that. Owners of Cubby Bear Pizza in Elkhart, Indiana showed their ability to adapt to their customers needs by adding Cubby Cone, a frozen yogurt bar, right next door to their existing pizza restaurant.
Although frozen yogurt and pizza may not seem like the best combination, Kristin Hill (owner of Cubby Cone) saw a need for another ice cream shop in their downtown area. There weren’t many other options, and by adding it right next to the pizza shop, it was a perfect solution. Now their customers could have dinner and dessert right next door to each other.
Cubby Cone follows the now more common self-serve frozen yogurt option, with over 15 flavors that switch throughout the month. There are even sorbets for those who are lactose-intolerant.
Again staying adaptable, Cubby Bear and Cubby Cone work together to satisfy their customers’ needs. Just last week, a kids’ night was held in which family specials were offered at both locations. Sounds like a sweet (and savory) deal to me!
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