PC-Charge to Stop Working Completely

Last year, Verifone which developed PC-Charge for years  announced that it would stop offering and supporting the product in 2015. PC-Charge is a payment (merchant account processing) interface software which allowed most point of sale (POS) systems to communicate with payment processors making the payment processing essentially a three-party process. Since Verifone stopped supporting PC-Charge (effectively at the same time the EMV was being implemented), the software and associated processing were no longer PIC-compliant, but worked most of the time. There have been many reports of PC-Charge users loosinSintel-Systems-Hardware-Model-5i-www.SintelSystems.comg transactions which would be an expected risk since updates and support was not longer available. These issues are expected to continue and increase until just this month when essentially all processors have set the end of 2016 as the timeline for shutting down the ability of PC-Charge to process payments. Sintel Systems clients using our processing with a different software requiring PC-Charge will no longer be able to process effective November 15, 2016. Clients using Sintel Systems POS systems with different processor requiring PC-Charge may have their ability to process stopped at anytime.
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