Fast Casual Panera Bread's New Summer Menu

Panera Bread is most known for warm soups served in bread bowls. Come summer, customers tend to seek meals that are lighter and less cozy. Panera recently added some seasonal summer menu items to stores nationwide. Also, a select few dishes were added specifically to the northeast.
Panera distinguishes itself from the pack with its Summer Strawberry Caprese salad: Salad greens with grape tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, topped with strawberries and balsamic glaze. There’s also a frozen mocha cold brew made with cold brew coffee, chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The cold brew also comes in caramel.
Additionally, select Panera cafes in the Northeast will be offer New England classics Lobster Mac & Cheese and a Lobster Roll with a lemon tarragon mayonnaise dressing. Due to cost, Panera only offers it in this region. In Boston, the sandwich is listed at $17.99, while a large portion of the mac and cheese is $16.79.
Update: On June 19th, Panera which recently came in at #11 with sales of $5.55 billion on Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) biggest US restaurant chains list, has announced that they are adding new dinner menu items.
Panera has traditionally featured light meals. But the new dinner items are created to be heartier.  The dinner menu includes a teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl, a pesto chicken bowl and a steak and blue cheese artisan flatbread among other items. Panera hopes to capture the mid week dinner rush. The company is set to roll out the items in two test markets–Providence, Rhode Island, beginning in September, and Lexington, Kentucky, beginning in July. If the items are successful, the menu will go wide in 2020.
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