One Day Shipping: Amazon, Walmart and Target Vie over the Retail Market

During its quarterly earnings conference call E-commerce giant Amazon announced that it will soon begin offering free one day shipping to all Prime membership customers. The move seemingly cuts the delivery time in half: Currently, Prime members can get free two day shipping on a wide range of products. Also, in certain areas, Prime members already have access to free same-day delivery through the Prime Now feature. The company expects the transition to one day free shipping will cost roughly $800 million.
Amazon continues to dominate in offering convenient shipping and return solutions to its customers. However, major competitors Walmart and Target aren’t out of the race yet. Both companies still have the benefit of same-day pickup for online orders. With 90 percent of the population residing within 10 miles of a Walmart store and 75% of the population residing within 10 miles of a Target, that’s convenient to a large swath of Americans. Target also offers same-day delivery through Shipt in 250 locations. Similar to Amazon Prime’s membership, Shipt provides its free delivery services to Target consumers for $99 a year or $14 a month, with  promotional discounts often available. Members can then order groceries or retail goods online that Shipt personal shoppers will purchase at nearby stores and delivery them to customers at no additional fee.
Since January 2017 Walmart has offered free two-day shipping on orders totaling more than $35. Target, meanwhile, in March 2018 made free two-day shipping available for its credit card holders, with no minimum purchase requirement. For all other Target shoppers, two-day shipping is free with a minimum online order of $35.
All three companies continue to focus on providing omni channel retail experiences for their customers.
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