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Tech boom article @ Sintel SystemsIn the past decade a technological revolution has taken place transforming all industries, particularly the restaurant industry. Sintel Systems – a point of sale provider to restaurant, retailers, and the service industry – understands knowing what is next for our industry is the best way to remain innovative and plan for success. Relaying information is how Sintel Systems helps customers prosper in their ventures.
Nations Restaurant News compiled opinions of leaders in restaurant tech describing what they envisioned for the next five years.
Business operations have already drastically changed in order to adapt to tech booms.
Big businesses have utilized their resources to deploy apps and methods to better connect with their patrons. This proses a problem for small businesses who don’t have sufficient funds to take on big projects. Established tech strong holds in the industry caused sprouting of restaurant bases tech companies. New companies serving eateries will begin to close the gap between large corporations and independent enterprises.
Prior advancements that shook the industry were applications. Every major retailer or restaurant use apps in which they build loyal fan bases and harvest customer data. Proving extremely useful, companies placed themselves in the pocket of every consumer.
VP of Tech at Crunchtime suggest a major component will be integration. Through sensors, restaurants will give customers opportunities to create their ideal environment. Whether they want to dim the lights or change the color in their booth
Target marketing has been the focus for chains like Starbucks and Taco Bell. Companies want to the ability to understand consumers needs in real time. Co-founder of Dreambox Creations suggests omni-channel communication is the next play for enterprises. Connecting all forms of digital data, including POS systems, social media platforms, web-sites, and mobile devices, will allow restaurants a profound understanding of consumers demands.
Smart-phone apps are key for harvesting data useful for target marketing. Data can than be used with e-club or geo-fencing allowing operators to offer promotions at a certain time to a particular client because that is what they want.
Companies like Domino’s utilize smart watches as an ordering platform but David Cantu, CRO at Hotshedules purpose using them for managerial duties. By relaying information and POS integration, administrators will be able to better maneuver restaurants. Watches will offer managers abilities to know if an employee is late or angry customers needs to be dealt with.
Waiters will be able to serve customers with mPOS devices that accept EMV cards; thus creating more tips and speedy turnaround times. A shift to mobile device and wearable ordering will most certainly take place.
Tech advancements demand restructuring. Everything from online ordering to drive-thru operations require readjustment.Sintel System Restaurant POS Software
Remaining innovative is always key to a prosperous future.

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