National Coffee Franchise Starts New Concept Store

As known and seen, Starbucks, The world’s biggest and best known coffee shop chain, has major changes in doing.
One huge change was the reinvention of their loyalty program. The changes that of the reinvention which was launched in April were:

Not only did they change the concept of their loyalty card and they way they count your loyalty points, but even bigger changes.
Every morning before work or school, people go there and get their coffee which helps them to start better in their day. Have you ever been there in the morning? It’s full with people that just want their food or drink and leave as quick as possible, so they’re not late. That’s why Starbucks has a new concept: Starbucks Express Format Store! It’s the same Starbucks –just faster!
Another change was the launch of “Starbucks Evenings” What is that? You might be asking. That is a Coffee shop in which you can enjoy coffee and tea as well as alcoholic beverages. These kind of Starbucks’s will expand so enormously, so that in 2019 every forth Starbucks
store will be a “Starbucks Evening”.
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