Mystery Diners: Exposing Restaurant Staff with Surveillance Cameras Diners on the Food Network channel is where investigators visit restaurants and place hidden security surveillance cameras around the restaurant establishment to view how customers are treated by employees, employee knowledge of menu items, and other customer service factors. Owners of such restaurants are able to view this footage to see exactly what needs to be done to in regards to customer service given by its employees to its customers. Also, they are able to view what employees are doing when they are not present which in recent episodes includes stealing, lying, mistreating customers, or just generally doing unacceptable acts while on duty.
Security surveillance equipment is utilized greatly by numerous restaurants not only to reduce shrinkage but to see how customers are being treated by its employees. For this specific show, the CCTV systems are being used to see how patrons are being treated along with addressing other issues. Shrinkage can be reduced or even stopped completely by utilizing numerous factors that can be gained by using a point of sale system within any type of restaurant or food service establishment while being accompanied by security surveillance cameras.
The main diference between a regular security surveillance system and the ones used by Mystery Diners is the quality of the cameras, camera placement, and ease of use when trying to review audio and video footage. Having a security surveillance system is crucial to reduce shrinkage along with view how customers are being treated by employees but having one best suited for your needs is what makes your system work to its best of its capabilities.
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