Microsoft no longer supporting XP…what does this mean for the POS world?

Since its launch in 2001, Point of Sale systems have been utilizing Microsoft’s Windows XP programs. Unfortunately, as of this year, Microsoft’s support of XP has come to an end. While the majority of Windows users have upgraded to Windows 7, a large number of business owners are still working with XP on their systems, and this new change brings up many challenges.
First and foremost, there will be a lack of technical support from Microsoft. Although seemingly important, this issue is not of utmost importance. Unfortunately, business owners will have bigger problems, including violation of current Payment Card Industry Security Council (PCI) compliance standards. Windows XP will not have the specific security patch required, and a POS system’s sensitivity to security issues is not news to us (see article on Home Depot breech).
Hackers will more than likely be targeting those systems utilizing Windows XP, and the vulnerability of these systems is a hackers dream. With this in mind, Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs) have been scanning for any systems still on Windows XP, and automatically flagging them as noncompliant with PCI DSS.
The solution? All systems need to upgrade to Windows 7. This can be accomplished two separate ways:

  1. Change/upgrade the operating system (OS).
  2. Change the Point of Sale System completely. If a system is too old or too weak, they will not be able to handle the new OS because the hardware will not be compatible; thus, a new system is the only solution.

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