Magellan 8400 Scanner-Scale

magellan-8400With the busy lifestyles most people live it is important to understand the demand for a quick and easy checkout at grocery and produce stores. The basis of this idea should be your Point of Sale system. Processing transactions quickly requires first-class POS software and hardware. Ringing up a customer has never been easier with our cutting-edge technology. From printers and scanners to software, connectivity of all your devices is crucial for great service. Notably reliable, Sintel System now offers the next feat in produce and market productivity.
Scanners are a highly significant element in a produce/grocery store. A quality scanner that can read poor quality labels will help speed up your customers check out time; thereby, increasing your customer service.
The Magellan 8400 is a convenient 5-sided scanning and scale solution for your produce and grocery store. Installed with innovative decrypting software, the Magellan 8400 Scanner effortlessly reads a discrepancy on labels. Besides certified scanning abilities, configuring the scale function will permit you to accurately weigh produce and other items. Harmony between different aspects of your system is important; therefore, the auxiliary RS-232 allows to add a handheld scanner for larger items that cannot easily be scanned. All these small details endorse faster checkout times and happy clients.
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