LA Olympics Restaurant Scene

2028 Olympics in LA

Los Angeles is to host the 2028 Olympics.

Tourism will spike as fans, participants and their teams and families flock to the city, and host cities have to prepare, be it with stadiums, public transport, or anything that needs renovating.


Public Transport

Up-front money from the Olympics will go to implementing a variety of public transport proposals, including pushing light rail into new parts of the city, adding infrastructure to much-needed areas.

The new dining scene will center around these transit projects. With increased public transit comes increased foot traffic and food/beverage spending near stops.

Existing Restaurants

Then there’s the existing restaurant scene in places like Koreatown and the San Gabriel Valley. Of course millions of dollars will boost the local economy in 2028, but in the years leading up to the games restaurants will be able capitalize on the new and existing public transport stops.

Everyone from Three Weavers Brewing in Inglewood to Broken Spanish near Staples Center in Downtown — will feel the effects of hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals flocking to their individual neighborhoods. Everyone eats, especially travelers keen to try something new outside of stadiums.

Stadium Dining

Stadium dining is not known for excellence, but with the games around 10 years away, this gives plenty of time to invest in a lucrative opportunity. With spectators inside a stadium, there’s no option of going elsewhere, so caterers can have high ticket prices.

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