Hyatt Hotels POS Breach

Point-of-Sale-Breach-Hyatt-Hotels-POS-Article-Sintel-SystemsFollowing the Hilton Point of Sale Breach, which took place last month, Hyatt Hotels announced this week their systems had been compromised.
The company did not disclose what had been stolen but stated, upon discovering the malicious malware an investigation was launched.
Hyatt worlwide, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has 627 properties in 52 countries. Only the 318 managed by Hyatt Hotels were compromised. Franchised properties were not jeopardized my malicious malware,
The Hyatt Hotels POS breach is just one of the many chain of hotels infiltrated in 2015. Statwood Hotels, Trump Collection, and The Hilton Hotel chains have all faced security issues with payment processing systems.
In light of recent cyber security breaches consumers should always be alert of any suspicious activity on bank statements.
Cyber Attacks prevalent issue throughout the year but most importantly during the holiday season.
Now hackers are moving from larger retailers and targeting POS systems of smaller businesses as well. Retailers must remember that the ultimate responsibility of maintaining their POS systems safe rests with the business owner and they can be held liable for any breaches.
Sintel Systems Technical Support staff works tirelessly to keep your systems up to date with the latest security patches. Especially in light of recent point of sale breaches maintaining and upgrading your POS system becomes essential.
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