How important is support for my Point of Sale (POS) and credit card processing?

POS-Technical-Support-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE-www.SintelSystesm.comWith the special relationship Sintel System’s shares with San Francisco, we are in the City very frequently including just this past week. We like to go to San Francisco and the Bay area to visit our customers and make sure they are doing well. Well, that’s in addition to all the pizzas and gelatos our Point of Sale (POS) customers have to offer. On our way back we typically fly from San Francisco International Airport commonly known as SFO. Interestingly, they have a few good bars and restaurants inside the airport in the terminals. You can always catch something to eat or drink as you wait for your flight.
This time I stopped at one of the great spots to have a quick bite to eat and the first thing I noticed that the staff was using manual credit card slips to charge the guys next to me. I looked over the counter and saw that they had a POS system with credit card processing. Then when it was my turn to order, I got the disclaimer “Our credit card machine is down and we can only take cash now.” I had cash on me, so it was no problem. As I sat there over the next 30 minutes, seven of the nine walk-in customers did not order as soon as they were told “cash only.” With the average ticket of about $20 (airport restaurants are a bit more expensive) that is $140 that walked away in just 30 minutes.
First, I found out that the restaurant had run out of manual credit card slips, so they could not get the information in the right format to charge customers later. Then I found out that they had been trying to reach their POS provider for over 3 hours in the middle of the day on Wednesday and were not able to get the support and service they needed as they kept on turning customers away.
So, how important is support for my Point of Sale (POS) and credit card processing? Very!
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