Halloween POS

“Controlling your inventory and making profits should not be the scary part of your Halloween Store.”

During Halloween season, countless businesses temporarily lease vacant retail locations around the country to sell their Halloween products. However, these temporary stores experience an increased amount of shrinkage due to a number of factors, including Employee Theft, Shoplifting, Administrative Error, and Vendor Fraud. It can be difficult to economically solve these problems during this temporary season, but that’s where Sintel Systems comes in.
Sintel Systems places the highest level of importance on securing your seasonal inventory. We lead the point-of-sale and surveillance industry, and we take it very seriously. Sintel offers seasonal retailers special rental POS & security systems, so that you can manage your temporary business safely, efficiently & accurately during the Halloween season.
For more details on rental prices, call (855)POS-SALES or (855)767-7253 and talk to a Sintel Systems professional to guide you with the best Halloween Store Point of Sale Solution.