Green Apron Delivery Debuts at Empire State Building

starbucks in restaurant chains secret menus Point of Sale articleFollowing the launch of its mobile ordering and pay to more than 7,400 locations, Starbucks Green Apron Delivery program debuts in one of the most iconic buildings of New York City.
Announced earlier this year, the trial program use baristas as an in house delivery service. Starbucks “partners” deliver orders to building tenants, which are placed on a website solely devoted to the pilot program.
The empire state building, which is home to approximately 12,000 employees, presents a perfect test ground for urban delivery.
Baristas will prepare drinks at the kitchen on the 33rd street side of the building and deliver orders in less than thirty minutes.
There is no minimum number of drinks required for delivery but the maximum is fifteen. A two dollar delivery fee is tacked onto the total price.Sintel System Coffee Shop POS Software
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