Gourmet Burger Chains Are The Fastest Growing Restaurant Trend


Growing Industry at is peak!

According to the Associated Press, many gourmet burger chains are surviving the tough economy by serving bigger burgers, and charging more money, compared to popular fast food chains.These amazing gourmet burgers are ranking big bucks in the hamburger industry. Gourmet burgers are made with grass fed cows that are never frozen and it has become a trend that wont be dying anytime soon. As for the competition like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, their focus is slowly drifting away from burgers and more to breakfast and coffee. This has led many gourmet burgers to rise up and become trendy. Experts say the gourmet burgers will continue to grow rapidly. They add that if you’re not already in the gourmet burger business, it’s time to fire up the fryer.
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