Frozen Yogurt POS

The Frozen Yogurt Industry is quickly growing with more demand nationwide than any other time in it’s history. Customers are looking for variety with flavors one would not think it would possible; flavors like red velvet cake, carrot cake, hazelnut chocolate.  Many Yogurt Shops have traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate chip. Frozen Yogurt Shop owners are looking for ways to keep up with the demand hunger for variety. With some stores accumulating lines as long as the eye can see, order processing becomes more and more important than ever. There is nothing worse then choosing your favorite variety of frozen yogurt and topping just to watch it melt as one stands in line waiting to pay. Frozen Yogurt POS industry has also evolved allowing for cashiers to process customer orders within seconds.  Given that Yogurt Shops are increasing in popularity, don’t forget to activate Loyalty Points System to reward your customers.

“Managing your Frozen Yogurt Shop has never been EASIER”

With our POS software, transactions are processed quickly and accurately. This top-of-the-line software combines simple user interfaces with powerful management tools. Featuring a simple, intuitive back office which does not require hours of labor intensive data entry, entering your menu items can be done in minutes. This in turn makes employee training fast and easy.

How to select the BEST Yogurt Shop POS System?

Sintel Systems provides three different complete Yogurt Shop POS Systems. These systems include everything you need: Pre-configured Hardware, Pre-installed Software, & Customer Service. Packages are designed based on Ease of Use, Efficiency, Long Term Dependability and Appearance.
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