Frozen Yogurt Adapting to the Seasons: Maximizing Your Business Storefront

Do you sell frozen yogurt, ice cream or any other product that changes with the season? Are you thinking of ways to switch over your store with the change of the seasons?
Many retail stores already make the shift moving from summer wear, to fall wear, winter wear, spring wear and finally back to summer. FroyoWorld recently launched their new winter treat The Fronini. As well, 32 Degrees Yogurt launched a yummy cake filled treat called Bottomz. If you’re experiencing a lull during the winter season, a little switch over for your shop is highly recommended to make it through the rough and chilly days (in your wallet and out in your neighborhood).

Here are some popular quick serve menu ideas for the Winter Season:

Baked Potatoes – This on the go snack is just as customizable as with any base of frozen yogurt. From eggs, to broccoli, cheeses, meats and anything else you might think of better, a baked potato is versatile in many ways.

Image courtesy of Find recipe here.

Hot Chocolate Forever Yogurt has launched Froth, their hot chocolate bar where customers can come to have customizable gourmet hot chocolate.
Image courtesy of from the How to Heat Up Fro Yo article.

Coffee – Coffee Cultures is already on the coffee and frozen yogurt (hence Cultures) band wagon. A popular cafe, Coffee Cultures meets the demands of every season.
Image courtesy of Coffee Cultures photos.

Soup – Many frozen yogurt shops are already incorporating delicious winter comfort soup to their menu. Have you decided what kind of soup to add to your store yet?
Soup and Frozen Yogurt
Image courtesy of in an article on the fro yo menu style of Tisberry.

These are only a few ideas of popular winter menu items. Don’t be afraid to get creative since selling frozen yogurt when it’s frozen outside isn’t probably going to be the most successful advertisement.
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