Free Pizza Point of Sale Software Found!!

Are you looking for free pizza or restaurant point of sale (POS)software?
Do you own a pizzeria or restaurant and need POS software?
How about the POS hardware, do you want that for free as well?

Some look for free and others look for cheap POS hardware and  software?

Sintel Systems vs. Free POS
If this is what you are looking for, it is time to put yourself on the other side of the POS system (i.e. your customer) because if the POS is free, then why should your Pizza not be free. That sounds pretty ridiculous because if someone asks you for free Pizza other than potentially  being insulted, you start thinking, if I give my pizza for free, 1) how will I pay my rent, 2) how will I pay my employees, 3) how will I pay for dough, and 4) what will I take home if  I am giving away free pizza.
There is no such thing as a free lunch!!
Sintel Systems is proud to announce the very latest in POS solutions, the New Model 5i. This system is designed from the ground up to provide customers with the most eye catching and sleek design available while simultaneously handling high volume transactions. With its eye catching and aesthetically pleasing design the new Model 5i is sure to capture your customers attention right off the bat. With a 3 year hardware warranty you are getting a system that is reliable. With fan less design these units do not attract dust build up like traditional POS system of yesterday and instead remain cool using well designed high tech heat sinks.POS-Restaurant-Style-855-POS-SALE
If you are looking for a way to set your store apart from the rest, take a look at this beautiful new Model 5i unit and experience the advantages of high reliability and amazing looks. With prices for complete system bundles starting at the same price as the previous generation, you get all of these new advantages at no added cost! is a quality provider point of sale systems to the pizza industry and pizzerias. You can see our videos on our pizza POS systems in English & Spanish.
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