Employee Time Management System by Sintel Systems

Employee time management has not been easier and more effective with Sintel Systems dedicated time clock systems which afford employees the chance to clock in/out from a dedicated station. These stations which are typically mounted on walls in break rooms or in employee traffic areas are fully integrated with the rest of the POS system. Since each unit is an all-in-one touch screen system, it will act independently,but syn its data with the main data base.
Systems typically recommended for time management systems includes the zero bezel Model E4-Z  with an MSR for employee access cards.
Here are some of the great features and benefits:
– Allows employees to clock it and out without disturbing or accessing the main POS stations.
– Allows managers and owners to access all employee related needs including accessing hours, payroll, and making changes.
– The Time Clock PLUS features also provide back office access.
Sintel Systems Employee Time Clock
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