A Good Year for Krispy Kreme; Start Your Next Donut Shop

Doughtnut Shop POS with Sintel Systems It’s no question that donuts are a commodity. It goes with our coffee, tea and fills our offices in the mornings. Are you thinking about your next move for opening up a doughnut shop? What’s your next move for fitting your shop with the right Donut POS System? What makes us special is Sintel Systems is the only one stop POS solution, which means we take care of software, hardware, support, training, warranty and gift cards. We’ve got everything set up to meet all your Doughnut Shop POS needs.
On Krispy Kreme news to relate to your donut shop endeavors:
Since the darkest days of 2009 Krispy Kreme’s operating income has gone up 8x, the number of stores has overall has gone up by nearly 50% with international franchises rising from 204 at the end of 2008 to more than 500 today. The best reflection of how levered Krispy Kreme is the American sense of gluttony is measured by share price.
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