Online Ordering Changing Domino's

Domino’s Pizza sells pizzas but it has made the transition from being a fast food restaurant chain to becoming a technology company. Domino’s isn’t an obvious tech company, but recently this pizza company has gotten especially good at developing technology, especially when it comes to mobile and online ordering, to get more people to buy their pizza.
Domino's Online Ordering Point of Sale
During the company’s complete renovation, Domino’s thoroughly revamped their menu, product quality, ingredients, and recipes, but most groundbreaking of all was that they changed how customers could order.
Kelly explains that Domino’s success can be broken down into two parts. The first part was recognizing that both the food industry and more and more customers were going mobile. It was for this reason that Domino’s rebuilt its foundation to now brand itself as a tech-forward company heavily invested in digital transformation and omni channel solutions.
The second part consisted of making an ordering process for customers that was comprised of surprise. Domino’s did this by making it possible for customers to order on any and all electronic devices. And as Kyle Wong in his article “How Domino’s Transformed Into An E-commerce Powerhouse Whose Product Is Pizza” says, “This was the beginning of their innovative ordering platform, Domino’s AnyWare. Today, customers can order through Apple TV, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Ford Sync, SMS, Samsung Smart TVs, smartwatches, an in-app voice assistant, and other emerging platforms, as well as via Tweets, Slack, and Facebook messenger.” The surprise element did not end there however. “The other side of the surprise and delight phase involved putting a loyalty program in place to reward Domino’s best customers and keep them away from the competition.”
Domino’s also deserves credit for how easy and simple they’ve made it to order online and through mobile ordering. Domino’s online ordering and mobile app give customers the option to save their order as an “easy order” so that they can come back next time and order even faster.
The Domino’s Tracker is another fun and innovative technological feature. The Domino’s pizza tracker acts as a progress bar that shows the customer real time updates on how their pizza is coming along. The tracker keeps tabs on the pizza order even when it’s leaving the store and is delivered.
At a Domino’s pizza store, when an online or mobile order comes in to their Kitchen Display System (KDS), an “Internet alarm” sounds so that employees now to start on the order.
This new technological makeover the company underwent wasn’t cheap, but Kelly Garcia (Domino’s Vice President of Development) says that their technology is what separates Domino’s from their competitors in quick-service restaurants. He also says online and mobile ordering are now a huge part of the company’s success.
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