Daylight Donuts and their Continuous Expansion

Daylight Donuts was founded in 1954 by Tommy and Lucille Day. The couple aimed to create a donut with a different taste, something with a distinctly light texture. Starting out in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company now has expanded to over 1000 retail outlets in 28 states and 4 countries.
In 1977, the Days retired and sold their business to Linda and Jerry Hull. Years later in 2002, John and Sheila Bond purchased the company and brought it to its current success.
If you are interested in owning a Daylight Store, visit their website here. As a owner of Dright_photo_donuttrayaylight, you will be considered a licensee, not a franchisee. Thus, no franchise percentage must be paid. Simply put, owners agree to use the Daylight Products and processes in exchange for the right to use the Daylight Donuts name and trademark.
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