CherryBerry in Sand Springs, Kansas Closes :-(

As the exclusive provider of point-of-sale (POS) systems, Sintel Systems is naturally sad to announce the closure of a CherryBerry frozen yogurt store. After being open for nearly 18 months, the CherryBerry location in Sand Springs, KS has closed its doors. The closure was due to “falling sales over the past several months and the fact that other stores in the franchise have experienced similar declines which have resulted in closings,” according to the statement given by its owner Candace Wright to the Derby Informer.
According to Wright, the closure came as a shock since the store “experienced huge sales in its initial months, but the store was not able to maintain them.” She said that has been common with other stores in the chain as well.
“When people are watching their money, they feel it is more important that they are feeding their family food and not a novelty product,” Wright commented. She continued to say that, “when we opened we wanted to give back to the community. I really want to thank Derby for allowing us to do that and be a part of so many people’s lives,”
Senior staff members at Sintel Systems commented, “It’s sad every time this happens. As their POS providers, our staff build very close relationships involving a lot of trust. So it is no easy to see for us. We wish Ms. Wright the best in all her future endeavors and stand ready to assist.”
Sintel Systems further advised on several plans the company has in place to support any of its customers who becomes victims of such circumstance. Plans include POS reconfiguration for other uses and a buy-back program.
According to Sintel Systems, “We see cases like this across many industries. Most times the problem is not the product, it’s not management, or the alike. Its location. The most important rule in retail oriented businesses is location, location, location. At the beginning, its the new so it can attract, but as time elapses, the location becomes the businesses detriment.”
When asked how Sintel Systems can play a role in ensuring its customers success if they know this, staff made reference between the company’s strong partnership with Affiliated Research Economics (REcon), a research-based organization which assists with site selection. According to the company’s website, REcon offers fundamental research based on supply, demand, and trade area characteristics. Company officials at REcon stated, “The business owner must do the due diligence necessary. Simply relying on some demographic data is grossly insufficient. As an example, how do demographics take into concentration of current supply or pipeline supply? They don’t.”
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