Candy Shop POS: 3D Printed Chocolate

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Trying to keep up with the times? In recent news by the LA times, your candy shop maybe effected by new technology in the near future as just this year Hershey announced their multiyear partnership with 3D Systems. If this idea trends well, you might not only be noticing a change in your Hershey’s chocolate but from other candy manufactures as well. 3D Systems is a growing and popularizing company known for their 3D printer capable of creating 3 dimensional objects (and food) through a program that controls just where to mold each particle of that object line by line.
Hershey is just the first major food company to pioneer into 3D chocolate so far and it will be interesting to see how it will expand into the market for production across the world.
With the 3D printing still at it’s prototype stages, 3D System’s collaboration with Hershey’s will be sure to speed up the ability for the company to improve upon their product.
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