Argo Tea Café, Inspiring CommuniTea in Chicago & New York

Tea was discovered over 4000 years ago in China and introduced to Western Civilization over 400 years ago. It is no secret that human beings enjoy drinking a nice hot cup of tea, after all tea is the second most consumer beverage in the world next to water. Argo Tea Café founded in 2003, is committed to providing customers with a quality and healthy beverage to enjoy. Expanding upon their successful business model of contributing back to the community, Argo Tea has flourished and became a key player in the Chicago Tea market and have on going plans to open additional stores nationwide.


Argo Tea is also selling its products in over 3,000 grocery stores across the United States and growing at a exponential pace. With over 25 Cafés strategically placed throughout Chicago, New York, and Boston, Argo Tea takes its customers very seriously. The Cafés themselves are designed by a prestigious architect who incorporates the numerous positive vibes a successful Café requires. By creating a very Tea friendly vibe within the walls of each and every Argo location, customers are likely to come back again and again.
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