Advantages of a Fanless Point of Sale System!

Clean Model 5i with LogoComputer design has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Starting with the early age of computers that took up the size of an entire room, all the way to modern age mobile computers that rival supercomputers of the past. Computers have been becoming more and more cutting edge every single year. The latest advancement in technology has given the ability to engineer fan less units capable of working for days on end without ever overheating. The emergence of fan less computing has made a huge impact on the world of Point of Sale Systems.
A Point of Sale System gets put through rigorous every single day and it is essential that the system is capable of withstanding such use. Our systems are incredibly reliable and are built to last. We offer units who are IP54 International Protection Rating certified, meaning they are rated to be able to withstand small water splashes and other byproducts of the food industry. One of the biggest problems that we have faced with POS and Computers in general is dust build up. Dust is something that is all around us and overtime can lead to the downfall of a Fan Cooled POS. With the long hours that POS Systems are up and running with constant fan activity, they are prone to dust build up. Our units are Fan less and significantly reduce the amount of dust build up. This results in a system that runs much more efficiently and is significantly quieter. Our units instead use superior engineering and heat sink technology to provide you with a long lasting and cool system that is in it for the long haul.
With the elimination of fans, these POS Systems no longer are the dust magnets they once where. The major advantage of fan less is that the system remains clean and cool while requiring less maintenance on your end. So take advantage of the Sintel Systems difference today and choose a High Quality All in One Fan-less Point of Sale System!
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