Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt – Frozen Yogurt POS provided by Sintel Systems

Introducing the newest addition to the Frozen Yogurt Industry, Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt. Opening this month, Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt will be the primer hangout for all Frozen Yogurt lovers for Studio City. The owners Sal and Tony have long awaited their dream of owning their own frozen yogurt shop. “We’ve been through many hoops and loops trying to achieve our goal, and it’s exciting to know it’s here.”

So What is Their Goal?

To provide an active environment for people to enjoy their delicious frozen yogurt, hang out and meet new people from the city. Offering free WiFi service for all their customer to access the Internet. Both Sal and Tony admit that a POS System is very important to their frozen yogurt business. They came to Sintel System for their POS and surveillance needs. Our choices included micros, aloha, and squirrel systems. “We choose Sintel Systems because they are local, and provide excellent customer service. They have been with us from the beginning and accommodated all our tech needs including POS and Surveillance,” (Active Cultures).
If you need a Frozen Yogurt POS system you may visit our site for further details at or call us at (888)SINTEL-6.