85°C Bakery Cafe has over 900 locations worldwide!

In 2003, owner of 85° bakery, Mr. Cheng-Hsueh Wu was sitting in a 5-star hotel cafe when he realized he was going to create his own bakery with high quality ingredients at an affordable price. He noticed that the prices at the bakery where he was dining in were too high for people to enjoy on a whim. Mr. Wu  envisioned a bakery cafe that would provide premium coffee,bread, and cake without the high price tag. Mr. Wu opens his first 85°C bakery café in Taipei County, China in August of 2004. Today they have over 900 locations worldwide and more to come. 85°C Bakery Cafe is a self-serve bakery. The customers use a tray and tongs, and select the breads and pastries that they want. After that, the breads are paid for and bagged at the till. This makes it very convenient for the customer to receive fast service. The menu has four categories including Chef’s choice and customers choice.

Passion Black Mango jelly drink with two bakery breads.

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