iPad & Tablet POS for Frozen Yogurt, Pizza, & Restaurant

If you are looking for a mobile, hand held, iPad, or tablet (android or PC) point of sale (POS) solution, contact Sintel Systems first and see what they can do for you. Sintel Systems: Where you don’t have to sacrifice capability and efficiency to get a stylish and cool POS system.
Here are the top reasons you should get your tablet POS from Sintel Systems.
Reason 1: Sintel Systems is an established POS leader with mobile options. Why shouldSpark you be cautious with your choice? Ever hear the saying: “Here today, gone tomorrow.” What does it take for someone to claim to be an iPad POS company? Unfortunately, anyone with an iPad and an application can call themselves an iPad POS expert without having the experience, expertise, staff, and strong financials to stand behind you. These companies are as much POS companies as a child with a knife is a surgeon. Always get your POS from an established company.
Reason 2: Sintel Systems is one of few. Current estimates put the number of companies that call themselves iPad POS providers at just over 100. Statistically, the majority of these so called companies maintaining continuation of their operation is very low; as the variables and compounding numbers of this complex industry far exceed what a simple start up POS company can actually maintain. So what happens when the company you bought from disappears into thin air? Would you buy a brand new car from a company who may not be around to service your warranty needs? Word of advice: Make sure you get your POS from a trusted source.
Reason 3: Sintel Systems is stable and has grown organically over decades. There are two general types of iPad POS companies.
1) The one man show who can disappear almost instantly
2) The new company that is venture capital (VC) funded and who can have the VC pull the money plug at any time.
If you are not familiar with VC, then take some time and investigate the industry. If you’ve lived through the tech bubble of 2000 then you have a feel for it. According to the National Venture Capital Association, there were 1,022 VC firms with abilities to invest over $5 million at that time. As of 2010, there were 462 and are once again growing in 2013. The problem is simple, the VC’s timeline may not coincide with your long term objectives. Get your POS from Sintel Systems, we only answer to our customers.
Reason 4: Tablet or iPad are not your only choices with Sitnel Systems. Most companies Point-of-Sale-POS-Scaleoffering iPad solution only offer those solutions. The one-man show can only afford to that with its resources and the VC-based company made its bet that selling only these mobile devices will deliver the needed profits and margins to investors. We will give you the pros and cons of both systems and allow you to choose. Typically, the first question we ask is “What are some reasons you are considering an iPad POS?” (Read: iPad POS for Frozen Yogurt?) Get your POS from Sintel Systems, where we don’t just sell a product, but rather offer solutions.
Reason 5: SaaS (Software as a Service) should not be your only options? A good portion of iPad and tablet POS providers offer the POS software in SaaS (i.e. online) option only. Did you know that there are mandatory monthly software fees with these solution providers which claim to offer economic POS solutions? You should have the option to either have the software local, online, or both based on your specific needs. Get your POS solution from Sintel Systems where you have a choice between owning your software or going with SaaS.
Reason 6: If style and looks are the main reason you are choosing an iPad solution, then know that our tablet solution is not the only way to give your store decor. The other option is the stylish and cool Model 5i which was specifically designed to offer style while offering a real enterprise POS solution. The customer display on the 5i is that same size as a 10 inch iPad. Get your POS solution from Sintel Systems where iPad or tablet is not the only way to deliver style to your counter.
Reason 7: Honesty in price. If you think that the average tablet iPad solution is much cheaper, then lets look at it a little closer. What is the difference between a tablet and counter-top POS system? All of the other components (software license, cash drawer, weight scale, printer, support, and training) remain the same. The only difference is the actual cost of the tablet versus the all-in-one unit. In reality, the hardware cost between an iPad and enterprise POS is the same if you take into consideration the warranty and durability factors. As an example, the new model 5i comes with a 10 inch customer display that is included in the cost of the POS system.
+ + + BEST reason to get an iPad POS: Your business is mobile and you need to constantly take it around.
– – – WORST reason to get an iPad POS: It looks cool. With the introduction of the Model 5i, you get style, practicality, and a 10 inch customer that will help you sell more.
+ + + BEST reason to get a tablet solution: Your business will use it as a second POS terminal when lines are long at the register or at the drive thru.
– – – WORST reason to get a tablet: It is cheaper. Do the math. In reality it is not because 1) you need most of the same components (cash drawer, printer, scale, etc.), 2) iPads do not have the same warranty, and 3) monthly costs increase the overall expense of POS.
Before you buy, let our experienced staff help you learn all there is to know about all types of POS systems. Sintel Systems offers a variety of certified tailored Point of Sale solutions including tablet (iPad) and mobile POS systems focused on retail, restaurant and service industries, including frozen yogurt shopspizzerias, bakery, restaurantscafés and retail stores.
Let our experienced and knowledgeable team meet your demands for a single source for business solutions. Sintel Systems will help navigate the complex POS landscape and to enable end users to find the right POS system for your business and budget. Hardware – Software – Support