7Eleven's First Airport Unit

7Eleven Airport Unit article @ Sintel SystemsLos Angeles International Airport will be home to the first 7Eleven unit inside a U.S. airport.
The 950 sq feet unit rests in the Tom Bradley Terminal.
Scheduled to open on June 24, the location will not be open 24 hours like regular 7Eleven store hours. Operations hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight.
Although the location is relatively small, spokesperson for the Dallas-based convenience store claims customers will be surprised  by how the small space will equip everything a regular travel needs.
7Eleven customizes inventory based on demand for certain locations. The airport unit will carry warm foods such as pizza, hot dogs, taquitos, nachos, and sandwiches. Alternate snacks include hummus, yogurt, and guacamole. To suffice travelers need other than food, this unit will carry items you will not find in your neighborhood 7Eleven. Over the counter medications and travel sized items will also be sold.
Currently there are 59 airport locations in 12 nations. Total North American stores equate to approximately 10,500 and 56,000 locations worldwide.

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