5 Facebook Don’ts

An article on Inc.com states “50 percent of people say they trust a company’s Facebook page more than its website”.
Whether you believe this or not, there are certainly some major “Don’ts” that companies need to follow when it comes to managing their Facebook pages.
Don’t be a beggar
It’s annoying when your kids beg you for money, when your colleague begs you to trade shifts and when your significant other begs you to take out the trash. Don’t be a beggar on Facebook.  Asking people constantly and at inappropriate times for Likes and Shares, only bothers and annoys your audience.
“[Though] studies show that asking for a Facebook like or comment can increase your interactions up to 26 percent.” You still need to be very thoughtful when it comes to doing so. Be certain that your post is strong and the “call to action” is appropriate for your company.
Don’t just use stock images
Sometimes it is okay to use stock photos, but not for every single one of your posts.  Most stock imagery comes off as unnatural.  Your audience wants to see real people, whether it is the real people who work for your business or the real people who enjoy your product.
Don’t be inappropriate
Life changing events are taking place all over the world every day, but that doesn’t nessecerly mean your business needs to write a post about them.  Be very conscious of what you post about. You don’t want to be like Kenneth Cole who tweeted during the revolution in Cario: “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available.”
Just because something newsworthy is happening in the world does not mean your business needs to comment.
Don’t write lengthy posts
Your audience doesn’t want to read a novel when looking at your latest Facebook post. Keep it short, sweet and right to the point. 
Don’t be that guy
Puppies and kittens, Taylor Swift, the Kardashians are just some of the things that many social media addicts love to post about.
Why post a picture of a cute kitten to your businesses website if it has nothing to do with your business?
Stay on brand! Don’t just post to post, make it count.
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