Retail Store POS

POSBuyersGuideIconRetail stores provide goods and services to consumers.  These types of businesses range from department stores which sell clothes; discount stores which compete based on price; warehouse stores which offer large quantities for a lower cost; specialty stores focus on a specific category; general stores provide the most commonly needed products; to supermarkets which sell mostly groceries. If your store provides customers with different types of goods and services, Sintel Systems has the best business solutions for you.
The last thing you need is an unstable POS System while frustrated customers are waiting in line to make a purchase. Process transactions quickly and accurately and at the same time, activate the customer Loyalty Points System with the best Point of Sale System for retail stores.
Point of Sale for Retail Store is complete with everything you need to get going. To customize your order, click on the package that best suits your business needs. For a comparison of systems, click here.

How to place an online POS System order?

  • Choose a package
  • Choose your options and upgrades
  • Checkout using our secure online processing
  • POS System will be delivered with software pre-installed and configured for your business
  • System is ready for immediate use

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