Antique Store POS

Antique Stores are well known to have unique art, furniture, jewelry, decorative objects, and other items created in much earlier period.  These articles are collected and valued for their beauty, workmanship, aesthetic, and history.  The work done by the curator varies widely on the object; it may be from a simple fix to a complete restoration. Depending on how rare and unique the item is, the price might range from inexpensive to very expensive. If your store provides customers with a vast variety of antiques, Sintel Systems has the best business solutions for you.
Point of Sale for Antique Retail Store is complete with everything you need to get going. To customize your order, click on the package that best suits your business needs. For a comparison of systems, click here.
How to place an online POS System order?

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  • POS System will be delivered with software pre-installed and configured for your business
  • System is ready for immediate use

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