10 Best Barbeque Chains by The Daily Menu

BBQ Restaurant Point of Sale POSChain restaurants, for many people, generate this idea of semi decent food caused by production lines and cost cutting measures. Although it may be true about chains serving hamburgers and pizza, it cannot be said about barbeque restaurants. From terrible quality produce or partially smoked meat there will be a noticeable difference in taste. An exceptional BBQ joint can easily be differentiated from a lousy one.

TheDaileyMeal.com toured America looking for the ten best barbeque chains. It is no surprise many of them were founded in the south.

Judging each barbeque place based on number of locations, locally acclaimed status, consistency at each location, and taste TheDailyMeal.com came up with this list of ten best barbeque chains in America:

10. Old Carolina Barbeque Company- With eight locations spread across Ohio this chain spends up to 14 hours smoking their meat to perfection.

9. Moe’s Original BBQ- Founded in 2001, the chain now has approximately 30 locations serving up the very best in Alabama style barbeque.

8. Billy Sims BBQ- With a majority of its 35 restaurants in Oklahoma, you’ll be sure too find something you wont find at many other barbeque places, bologna.

7. Calhoun’s- In 1984, Calhoun’s won the National Rib Cook off and today they still use their award winning recipe to dish out their hickory-smoked baby back ribs.

6. Smokey Bones- Spanning across 17 states and 65 locations each individual restaurant provides patrons with 70-100 pounds of meat per day.

5. Famous Dave’s- As a frequent visitor of Famous Dave’s, I agree with this completely. They cook up some stellar baby back rips that have me licking my fingers every time. The Minnesota based company now has more than 200 locations nation wide.

4. Dickey’s BBQ Pit- Renowned for being the largest barbeque franchise and operating for more than 70 years Dickey’s has kept its old fashioned roots. Its 400 locations in all but seven states still serve the same delicious recipes they did at the start.

3. Red Hot & Blue- Established in Virginia, 25 years ago, Red Hot & Blue resembles southern cuisine. Of course their barbeque is amazing but don’t pass upthe Fried Delta Catfish and Chicken Fried Steak.

2. Dinosaur BBQ- Possibly the best barbeque you will find in New York. Several locations extend all through the state offering not only barbeque but killer burgers.

1. Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ- Started in Alabama but now inhabits 7 more states all providing customers with a delicious vinegary Carolina style barbeque.Sintel System Restaurant POS Software

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