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This is our first official posting. For the past 5 Years we have been providing our clients with information regarding Point of Sale, Surveillance, Networking, Audio, Video, Phones and just about anything tech related. If you want to get a quick overview of Sintel Systems you can read our About Us page located on the bottom of the home page We are looking forward in the continuation of the unparalleled service and are confident you will experience the same. By using various means of communications we are able to expand our sales and support. I urge you to visit this blog often to see new products and services such as our new 7″ Built in LCD Digital Video Recorder.
We currently have a very comprehensive Point of Sale Software from Up Solution. We provide a very different
approach to point of sale and inventory control with our easy to use interface and comprehensive feature list. POS in combination with our surveillance systems has the potential to offer minimal shrinkage environment for our clients. We offer high quality surveillance which delivers in time of need high quality surveillance video for evidence. After all what good is surveillance if your recording is not useful.
855-POS-SALEOverall the foundation of our work is dependent on data networks. Our professional technicians are trained to design and construct high quality and most important of all highly dependable networks. We use all the latest tools and components to deliver highly dependable point of sale systems.
Sintel Systems is your one stop shop for all your low voltage needs. Call us at (888)SINTEL-6 to setup an appointment to visit our showroom. We offer one-on-one demonstrations and deliver the hands on experience for our future clients.
See our different software features. Compare our Digital Video Recorders (DVR) performances and choose the one right for you. We carry Standalone, and PC-Based systems inĀ  Hardware and Software Compression. Sintel Systems knows to treat each camera location independently. We have a wide range of quality CCTV Cameras and we are sure we can find one that suits your needs. Weather you want to view your kids in the backyard playing or capture license plates; we can provide you the solution to your challenges.
We look forward in speaking with you and thank you for visiting Sintel Systems.
Sintel Systems Team