Important Notice to customers using credit card or charge card for the purchase of goods and services from Sintel Systems. Authorized returns within the prescribed timelines and within the terms and conditions of purchase on this page and in this document, will receive the appropriate return to the credit card used for purchase within 10 days of receipt and inspection of returned items. All customers must review Sintel Systems return policy on this page as part of the purchase agreement.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Any customer who attempts to circumvent this the purchase agreement and initiates a chargeback request by disputing the charges with their respective bank or credit card company in direct violation of the terms and conditions of purchase and a breach of contract. If their bank withholds funds or withdraws funds from Sintel System directly as a result of the chargeback, the party taking this action will be subject to the following: 1) A $10 per day surcharge for every $1000 of funds withheld or withdrawn from Sintel Systems. [Example, customer wrongfully disputes a $2,000 charge and the bank withdraws funds from Sintel System until Sintel Systems proves the dispute invalid and receives the funds back 20 days later. The customer will be charged (20 days x $10 x 2) $400 in surcharges.] 2) The disputing party will be responsible to Sintel Systems for time and resources spent by Sintel Systems financial and legal department at a rate of $375 per hour. The typical dispute response takes six (6) to eight (8) hours plus $200 in printing, expedited shipping, and communication cost. On average, the cost will be $2,450 -$3,000 and the customer will be billed directly. 3) The customer will be barred from ever utilizing a charge or credit card to make purchases from Sintel Systems. 4) Any direct or indirect damage from customers improper initiation of a chargeback will be the responsibility of the customer. 5) Fraudulent attempts at chargeback will be referred to local and federal law enforcement for prosecution and will be subject to criminal charges. Fraud includes, but is not limited to, unlawful use of charge cards, falsely stating that the product(s) was not received, and falsely claiming that product(s) were returned to Sintel Systems. 6) Sintel Systems is entitled to all legal and attorney’s fees in attempting to collect all charges and fees. Notice is hereby given that Sintel Systems will protect all of its interest at law and in equity. All legal actions will be filed in the Superior Court of New Jerey regardless of the venue of product sale.