Retail POS Software by Sintel Systems

Retail POS Software
Running a Retail store can be complex, considering the amount of sales, inventory, and clients you may have. Quality customer service thus becomes hard to maintain. Sintel Systems Retail POS Software presents you with the opportunity to manage your store all through our operating system. Overseeing your store has never been easier. Detailed reports such as hourly/daily, employee, and top sales records are available. Consequently, lightening and aiding in your managerial duties. Keeping count of inventory is also important and as a result we have made inputting and changing prices precise and simple. Organization and functionality is key in being able to process transactions productively; therefore, help in maximizing profits.
Sintel Systems is the only direct to end user full-service provider of tailored Point of Sale systems to the retail industry. Although our vast experience spans much farther than retail to include   frozen yogurt shopspizzeriassushi restaurants, and cafés.