Drive Thru Hand Held POS Release

Sintel Systems Global Point of Sale, the industry’s direct and single-source omni channel POS Solution provider, released preliminary images of its next generation hand held POS terminals intended for speeding up drive thru operations in fast food restaurants and other operations such as coffee shops that tailor to the on-the-go customer or faster table side service.
The new features include a built in EMV (Chip Card) reader, contactless card reader, built in printer and a 5.5 inch full color touch screen. It will replace Sintel Systems first and second generation tablets (used for table side service in full service restaurants) and hand held units. The new  hand held units will be an fully integrated part of Sintel Systems Omni-channel solutions communicating with POS system and KDS (Kitchen Display Systems) inside the restaurant.
hand held drive thru pos
If you are an operator of a fast food restaurant with a drive thru you know that the drive thru operation is a very crucial part of the bottom line. Drive thru section of QSRs can make up to 70% of total revenue at time, but are typically in the 50% range. It offers higher margins to the business while providing convenience to the customer. That is why some major fast food franchises like Jack in the Box, have franchisees with 24 hour drive thru operations. The drive thru option is cited to as one reason Georgia-based Chick-fil-A is forecast to take over Subway and become the second largest fast food chain behind McDonald’s in 2019. It s sales are set to surpass QSR giants Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Burger King.  Based on sales, Starbucks is ranked second if counted in the the same industry as Chick-fil-A and ironically Starbucks continues to push and open coffee shops with drive thru operations.
In addition to the next generation hand held POS systems Sintel Systems will release shortly, two other omni-channel solution to help customer on the go move more efficiency with higher satisfactory rates. They include Sintel’s self-serve Kiosk technology that send order directly to the kitchen to be prepared and direct-to-POS online ordering that allows customers to place orders online/mobile app which are sent to the POS and then KDS.
Sintel Systems is the leading single-source and direct purveyor of point-of-sale technologies to the quick service restaurants. As the industry’s top fast food restaurant POS provider, Sintel Systems delivers the following technologies directly allowing its clients an Omni-Channel
1) Top-Grade Hardware
2) Professional and Enterprise level Restaurant POS Software with extensive Business Intelligence and Back Office
3) All inclusive technical support from system configuration to unlimited training and software version upgrades
4) Private Cloud Services keeping your data out of the public domain
5) Direct-To-POS Online Ordering system – Staring from your custom mobile app or website to the POS
6) Self serve Kiosk technology with integrated scale lowers cost and increases accuracy
7) Drive Thru Technology with self-serve abilities to increase accuracy and speed because seconds matter.
8) Responsive Kitchen Display Systems in full color and touch screen
9) Mobile app based gift and loyalty network allowing
10) Multi-language abilities including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and many more languages
11) Warranty
12) Embedded and EMV complaints merchant services